Helping children manage emotions

Expressing emotions is something that doesn’t come naturally to some children, and for others is does. It can depend on whether they have a good role model, but for some children expressing emotions…

Managing challenging behaviour

Don’t you sometimes wish that parenting came with some kind of handbook? It is a gig fraught with it’s ups and downs but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Parenting brings so many rewards.

Ways to make reading really fun

Is your child feeling reluctant to read a book with you? Are they feeling discouraged when you get books out? Making reading experiences fun is one way to grow your child’s confidence…

What can we do about cyberbullying?

Guest Post by Nikki Mitchell, Director of WA Child Safety ServicesAccording to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner about one in every five Australian children has been bullied online.

5 tips to help children with their feelings

Guest Post by Gemma Lee Taylor, Groups Coordinator at Resilience Kit. Learning about feelings is important for everyone. Here are 5 tips about feelings from Resilience Kit.1.

Protective Behaviours Phone Apps

One day I was curious about whether there were any helpful apps out there that complement the resources used to teach protective behaviours.