An interview with children’s book authors Rachel and Paul Edmondson

An interview with Rachel and Paul Edmondson

Making mistakes can be so frustrating! Especially when you make the same mistake again, or a different mistake. Maybe we’re in a hurry, have a deadline to meet, or not another set of materials to start over. We can feel disappointment and have negative self-talk. Children do this too and it can get in the […]

An interview with Alexandra Eidens of the Big Life Journal

An interview with Alexandra Eidens of the Big Life Journal; Feelings and life lessons

It was a couple of years ago that I first came across the Big Life Journal. As I read what the purpose of the book was and the content, I knew I had to buy it for my son. It was a Christmas gift. It arrived in the mail and as I flicked through it, […]

An interview with author Shona Innes

From the moment I saw Shona’s BIG HUG books, I fell in love with them. The first thing I noticed was the illustrations on the cover, by Irisz Agocs.