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But It's Not My Fault!

by Julia Cook
Format: Paperback


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Join Noodle on his journey as he learns not to blame others or try to find fault; but instead practises accepting responsibility, and turns his very rough day into a very good NEW day!

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My name is Norman David Edwards… but everybody calls me “Noodle.” Sometimes things happen to me that get me into trouble. But it’s not my fault! Poor Noodle. Things just don’t seem to be going his way. But it’s not his fault!

Award-winning author Julia Cook’s newest title, the first in the new Responsible Me! Series, follows Noodle through a very rough day at school. It just isn’t his fault that his brother’s game ran late, and he didn’t finish his homework. Or that his mom forgot to remind him to turn in his library book. Or that Mary Gold got in his airspace and hit his arm with her head. Luckily, Noodle’s mom is there to teach him about the importance of accepting responsibility. Join Noodle on his journey as he learns not to blame others or try to find fault; but instead practices accepting responsibility, and turns his very rough day into a very good NEW day!

Author: Julia Cook | ISBN: 9781934490808 |For ages: 6 to 12

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Our book review

Julia Cook is an American author and mum to three children. She has a Masters degree in Elementary School Counselling and has often used children’s books to enhance her classroom lessons while in her role as guidance counsellor.

She has written quite a number of children’s picture books, all teaching and guiding children through life’s challenges. Have you heard your child say “but it’s not my fault? Sometimes children lose sight of what really matters and they get hung up on who is to blame.

But It’s Not My Fault teaches young children that they are big enough to take responsibility for things themselves, and learn to solve their own problems. It follows a young boy nicknamed “Noodle” who knows he gets into trouble but thinks it’s not his fault.

It certainly doesn’t seem that the word “sorry” comes easily to him. Accidents happen and he knows he shouldn’t do certain things but he ties his actions back to what other people have done every time. Like when he had extra energy and leapt up to touch a light for fun, but hurt someone in the process, and blamed the fact he had to stay back in class because he hadn’t done his school work. He blamed the teacher.

Then he couldn’t get a book he NEEDED out of the library to complete school work because he hadn’t returned a book, and blamed his mum for not reminding him to take the overdue book back to school.

Noodle doesn’t seem to understand that he has choices. He can choose to not push a child back, he can choose to not talk, he can choose to not poke his tongue out when someone does it to him.

His mum explains things to him and here’s the lesson “If you blame other people for your mistakes, you give away your chances to learn!” His mum teaches him that he can learn from his mistakes and don’t make excuses when you do something wrong. Just own it.

His school teacher teaches him that he had a bad day. Each day is a new day. His attitude changes the following day at school and things improve for him.

There’s parent notes at the back of the book if you choose to talk more to your child about taking responsibility. Some helpful strategies are given too.

I love this book because it has realistic examples of things that kids do and say. It shows the way that kids think and helps to teach them how to be more responsible without the pressure of having to be perfect. It’s ok to make mistakes but own them and learn from them.

Bright, colourful images for the children to look at while they listen to you read. It is a soft cover book. For ages 6 to 12.

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