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Books to help kids with feelings and life challenges.

Millie and her Mindful of Mess

by Rebecca Kelly
Format: Paperback


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Observe Millie as she practices her techniques to manage her thoughts and emotions as she builds her inner strength, confidence and resilience.

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Publication Date: 2020-01-01


Millie is a young girl who experiences anxiety and big overwhelming feelings. Luckily her wonderful cat Jasper reminds her how to relax and calm herself down. We are introduced to Millie’s “monkey mind” who stirs up all her worries and fears. Discover how Millie connects to her “gentle turtle” within to help conquer her “monkey mind”. Observe Millie as she practices her techniques to manage her thoughts and emotions as she builds her inner strength, confidence and resilience.

Our book is a simple way to connect with your child, enjoy some downtime and learn calming techniques together.

Mindfulness is an ongoing practice for us all. Being present, connected to your breath and detached from your mind is where you find your stillness and peace. Children not only benefit from mindfulness in the short term but it also sets them up with skills for life to manage stress, make positive choices and create healthy habits for a happy life.

If we can create these ‘healthy habits’ into their lives from an early age, we can help improve the behaviours they choose in adulthood. We have this opportunity to give our children positive habits of self-awareness, cognitive control, emotional intelligence, self-regulation and a higher tolerance to stress. With mindfulness and meditation as part of their education, we can encourage a greater sense of self, contentment, patience, non-judgement and peace within. As the body becomes more practised in this we learn to live more in our parasympathetic nervous system (calm, relaxed, slow) rather than our reactive sympathetic nervous system (flight, fight, freeze and stress). The importance of these learnings becomes more apparent as our world increases with stimulation, noise, busyness and materialism.

Author: Rebecca Kelly | ISBN: 9780646816470 | For ages: 5 to 12

Rebecca is a Qualified Counsellor and Yoga Teacher who works with children to educate the importance of the mind-body connection. She is passionate about early intervention and positive mental health. She is passionate about promoting awareness around these issues before they develop into something more serious. The earlier we can intervene the better the outcomes we see later. We want parents to feel empowered with the skills to assist their children and themselves or feel confident to get the help they require. The early years of childhood lay the foundation for their future with academia, social, emotional and behavioural success. If we can teach children these skills in their formative years, they carry them through their elementary years and beyond.

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